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Date: Wed Feb 02 2000 - 09:10:19 MST

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> Anders Sandberg wrote:
> > As for future architecture, I'm currently interested in biotech
> > architecture for my next sf scenario (no, I can't get enough :-). I'm
> > thinking along the lines of Stateless in Egan's _Distress_ and the
> > stuff described in the Wired article "Newer York, New York"
> > ( Any
> > other ideas for what you can do with programmed bacteria, transgene
> > plants and good biotech?
> Not knowing much of the background of your story, I can only point out a few
> interesting uses in various bits of SF I've read:

The Bohr Maker is definitely already an influence; I'm borrowing a lot
of stuff from that book and pieces from her other books (what I like
about Nagata is that she thinks not just about the big consequences of
the tech but also tiny details like cleaning nano or the need for
fruit flies in space habitats).

My basic scenario assumes a near future setting (2034) and biotech
gradually becoming as powerful and versatile as nanotech - a bit slow
and squishy, but good for building artificial islands, programmed
bacteria or neural computers. I have some really fun ideas I cannot
post because I think some of my players might be reading.

Overall, this time it is more about social comentary and psychology
than the large sweep of "Big Ideas, Grand Vision", my latest sf
project. More about it later, right now I'm gathering ideas.

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