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From: john grigg (
Date: Tue Feb 01 2000 - 22:23:55 MST

Emlyn wrote:
Mentioned in the previous post (and I am not singling you out, Bob, this is
a common thread continued by many extropes) was the idea of removing poor
genes from the gene pool. In the context of modern society, the idea of
improving the human gene pool by evolutionary methods, as a worthy goal, is
just silly. Genes just aren't that important any more, and are certainly not
worth killing anyone for, even passively by letting someone die. The economy
of ideas and technology (the stuff we can do) must be predominant.

I totally agree on these points. I still encounter people with the idea
that we need some kind of Nazi-style selective breeding plan to keep "the
race strong!" Nature has it's own ways of maintaining the gene pool with
the various ways humans have of attracting mates through beauty, health and
intelligence among others. The way nature has it, some parts of the gene
pool are just deeper then others but it is all the same pool. Anyway,
fairly soon genetic engineering will be here and parents with the money will
be buying the best traits they can for their offspring. And even with a
healthy genome, a person still needs the right nurturing and sense of
ambition to succeed in an economy of ideas and technology.


John Grigg

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