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From: Anders Sandberg (
Date: Tue Feb 01 2000 - 12:21:42 MST

Ramez Naam <> writes:

> I haven't seen any published papers that explore this, so I look forward to
> reading yours. That having been said, I'm fascinated by a paper that shows
> something of the opposite. Specifically, Christoffersen seemed to show in
> the Jun 98 issue of _Neuropharmacology_ that learning facilitated by
> Piracetam was harder to extinguish than unaugmented learning, to the point
> that it interfered with reversal learning (learning to make a different
> choice in the previously learned situation).

Interesting. I *think* my model can explain that too, but I must get
the model software to run properly. Thanks for the reference!

> Also, one tangential observation: The dosage levels they use in tests of
> nootropics on laboratory animals are incredibly large. The experiment
> below, for example, would correspond to at least 15g of Piracetam for a
> human, or 6x the maximum recommended dosage.

Overall, I prefer papers about human experiments in healthy volunteers
- those papers are rare, but you can trust them much better than the
ones involving rats or elderly. I got very happy when some of my
friends at the Karolinska Institute did one such study... now if I
could only get my hands on some of their ampakines... :-)

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