Re: Can We 'Break the Universe'? Re: False Vacuums.

From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Tue Feb 01 2000 - 00:32:46 MST writes:
> Edd-first is this Baxter fellow a 'degreed' thinker; a man or women of
> letters? Is it anything like Julian Barbour's own book on time? There have
> been several false "false vaccum' scares over whether Fermilab, or Cern, or
> Brookhaven's Synchrotron's will puncture the false vaccum that the universe
> of matter developed in and it all goes whooshing away like the air from a
> poped balloon. I take a look on Amazon and see if this book makes sense to
> me-at least enuf to purchase.

Though it is featured on Amazon

i'd rather suggest Barnes & Noble (or your other favourite online
bookshop, FatBrain, or whatever):

Why? Because of Amazon's silly single-click patent. Intellectual
property patents are notoriously bad, but that one is
ridiculous. Don't support aggressive intellectual property
snatchers. Don't buy Amazon.

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