HUMOR: Fight zero-point energy!

From: Eliezer S. Yudkowsky (
Date: Mon Jan 31 2000 - 19:33:24 MST

This message is brought to you by the Society for Renewable Energy
Sources. As you know, we have in the past fought power generation
methods such as fusion and fission, which drain irreplaceable potential
energy by causing atoms to shift towards the "minimal energy" state of
iron. With nanotechnology on the horizon, we've fought to conserve
chemical energy by opposing the use of "diamondoid" materials. We are a
major force in the continuing battle to stamp out power generation that
equalizes thermal differentials.

Now, we must inform you of a new threat, the so-called "Casimir effect",
which enables vast, unscrupulous, uncaring industrial corporations to do
useful work by depleting the force that powers the expansion of the
Universe. Help us combat this new threat! Send large donations to
numbered Swiss bank account 9843346502.

The Society for Renewable Energy Sources
"Because when it's gone, it's gone."

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