Re: ARCHITECTURE: Nomadic Nano-structures

Date: Mon Jan 31 2000 - 07:16:44 MST

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<< This deserves significantly more consideration (given how prone I
 am to growing "long-term" structures using existing biostructural
 elements stolen from nature).

Organic architecture?

Now picture nomadic, changing organisms instead of static buildings rising
and falling...

One confusinf, if visonary, aspect of Nano-arch will be the ability to
"grow" buildings. You mention programmable bricks, but in fact there will be
no need to make such items, one can assemble a whole building using a fractal
pattern or some sort of organic model. Plants and Flowers of course, start
with a seed...

At one time Anders had suggested using jellyfish as models due to their
beauty and structure.

This of course made me go off on a tangent about underwater flaoting
structures and flying orbital jelly-buildings....

Now if we start a building with a seed, and grow it, does it now qualify as

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