Re: Casimir effect energy extraction

From: Emlyn (
Date: Sun Jan 30 2000 - 21:38:31 MST

> *Casimir Force Power Station (uncolored special land)
> When you play CFPS, if there is another Power Station in play, destroy
> Power Station.
> Tap the CFPS to get one mana of any color.
> If you have four CFPSs into play, tapping all four will produce: destroy
> lands,
> enchantments, and creatures in play. Destroy also your opponent player,
> yourself,
> and the whole solar system till Pluto.
> (I REALLY HOPE there exists some blue counterspell for this one... :P )
> > MMB
> Daniel

Fortunately it appears rather difficult to get four into play at once.

If such were possible, I'd maybe look to the following for protection:

Cryo Chamber (Blue Enchantment; UUU)

Tap: Target player is removed from the game, but does not lose.

At the end of each opponent's turn, roll a dice. If the result is 1, the
re-enters play, with permanents, cards in hand, and life total identical to
that on leaving.

If at any time there are no players left in the game, you lose (there is no
one to bring you back!).

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