For your amusement [Fwd: Your 'Dogma']

From: Max More (
Date: Sun Jan 30 2000 - 14:20:58 MST

I thought some here might enjoy this email I just received. I found it
amusing but not interesting enough to reply to.


>Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 09:05:46 EST
>Subject: Your 'Dogma'
>X-Mailer: AOL 5.0 for Windows sub 45
>Hello Max:
>Interesting read and fatally flawed at a most fundamental level.
>Specifically, your 'manifesto' repeatedly cites to the areas of impact, i.e.,
>physical, psychological, etc., and consistently leaves out the spiritual
>element of humanity. Typical erroneous thinking frequently displayed by
>intellectuals who proclaim 'We are open to all' and then rigidly and
>reflexively reject and/or ignore a primary component of our being. Pretty
>damn vain and egotistical of you Max to believe or even posit a 'plan' for
>maximizing human potential absent the spiritual. By the way Max, just what
>do you hold as 'evidence' of the existence of the 'psychological' aspect of
>human nature given the abysmal track record of the pseudo-science associated
>with same? Your 'manifesto' reads very much like 'Think as I think or else
>you are a toad.' Rather be a toad Max than follow your 'New Golden Age of
>Reason' path which as history has repeatedly demonstrated leads directly to a
>well of misery. Have fun with your mental masturbation and intellectual
>circle jerk friends Max. John

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