Re: SmartDrug Questions

From: Elizabeth Childs (
Date: Sat Jan 29 2000 - 20:56:13 MST

From: Tim Ventura <>

> I'm looking for advice and experience with Nootropics--I'm interested in
Hydergine and possibly Nootropil, but is there anything that any of you take
that might also work well? I know that there are several things out there
that could qualify as "workable", I'm just not sure what to take.

I take large doses of DMAE and phosphatidyl choline. I started feeling
results right away - maybe a 15% performance gain for each within a few
days. (I didn't do any objective cognitive testing, though.)

But I'm ill and one of my tests showed that it's likely that I have a
choline deficit, so it's a sure thing I get more benefit than healthy
person would. Still, I am anecdotally convinced that these two do what
they're supposed to - boost choline levels.

My doctor recommends Omnicholine from Cardiovascular research for
phosphatidyl choline, 6 per day. For DMAE, I take 8 per day from Source
Naturals. I think these are pretty huge dosages relative to a normal dose.

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