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>Islands, Hypercubes, Cosmic Tumbleweeds...
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> I suspect that BeOS, QNX, Linux or perhaps the new Amiga system coming
> Amino could do what you want, but then you might not find the software
> need to run is available. There actually was quite a bit of discussion
> Amiga developer circles of this very issue recently.
>Can you give some good pointers to URLs to read up on amiga systems?

I usually just go to and follow the links around. There are a lot
of Amiga sites. The Amiga market is mostly European at this point, however,
with a lot of German and Scandinavian sites. The main Amiga physical
location is in Germany, altho Amino, the new owner company, is U.S. The
Amigas and Amiga clones and Amiga OS's are scattered around the various
manufacturers, mostly in Europe, and private free-lance efforts similar to
LINUX. At one point, had some long discussions on this subject in
the developer chat section, but Gateway cancelled that after they got
severely flamed after they announced cancellation of the new Amiga hardware
and simultaneously fired the guys who later formed Amino and bought it all
from Gateway.

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