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From: John Calvin (
Date: Sat Jan 29 2000 - 18:32:56 MST

>One other item in the book that bothered me. I've heard it mentioned by
>"gloom and doom" types on radio and I've pretty much discounted it. The idea
>is that were the Ross Ice Shelf in Antartica to be released so that it went
>floating off it would destabilize the earths rotation with ugly results....
>Kinda like a tire out of balance.
>My feeling is that the mass disparity is too great. The mass of the
>Antartic Ice in comparison to the mass of the earth is less than comparing a
>pebble in the tread of one of my big deal....and besides
>my autobalancers would would the ocean compensate...
>WildWood Florida

I read that in _5/5/2000_ a book about the coming cataclysm and how it is all foretold in geometry of the great pyramid in cheops. This event is also referred to in another book _the Ultimate Frontier_. In my largely uneducated opinion I think they are both bad Science Fiction. I do find it interesting that many people sems to require a doomsday scenario to find some kind of fulfillment. The belief is that the mass of the Antarctic Ice shelf in combination with the major planetary conjunction expected to occur on Cinco de Mayo this year will cause the Earth to shift on its axis with catastrophic consequences.

John Calvin

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