regarding computers having no souls

From: john grigg (
Date: Sat Jan 29 2000 - 18:22:38 MST

Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:
>All nonsense, she cried, you just want a world of soulless cyborgs. >A
>computer can't do anything of its own accord, a computer can't >have
My reply: "How dare you, madam, spout such racist propaganda against our
Silico-American brothers and sisters. How can you possibly understand the
minds of these beings yet to come until you have met them, face-to-screen,
and learned firsthand the dreams and desires of their bloodless hearts? How
can you so assuredly preach the superiority of flesh until you have
encountered a new and purer mind and judged it from experience?" Some people
you just have to reach through their blinders byspeaking their language.

Lee, have you worked as a liberal political speechwriter before? :) Yet
"unborn" artificial intelligences will read this post and decide to hire you
as their human public relations representative! I wonder if they would pay

best regards,

John Grigg

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