Re: what it takes to join this elite list...

From: Neal Marin (
Date: Sat Jan 29 2000 - 12:05:59 MST

Wow, I must be really dedicated then! *grins*
-Neal Marin

--- john grigg <> wrote:
> Neal Marin wrote:
> Hey, I'm having some troubles joining this
> list...Hi, I'm on my friend's
> account right now, writing this...I've been trying
> to join this
> extropians-list for some considerable time, but I
> either can't find the
> correct name for this particular list or I'm just
> not being sent the
> messages. Inso far I have joined three different
> lists, but either found
> that they did not send me e-mail or found that it
> was the wrong one...for
> some time I received messages but very few of my
> postings were actually
> listed....but anyway. If someone could send me the
> details on this, I would
> be *extremely* grateful.- -Neal
> (end)
> This is a very difficult list to join. We purposely
> have multiple "front"
> lists to throw people off! It is purposely a
> labyrinth of confusion to
> discourage those who are not truly dedicated and
> pure in heart. And of
> course not all your posts have gotten through, we
> have a committee that
> reviews ALL posts to check them for intrinsic
> extropian value! It would be
> wrong to send you the details on how to subscribe to
> the list, you must
> endure and overcome to be worthy!
> best regards,
> John Grigg :)
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