RE: (de Garis')Nanotech- AI convergence = singularity

From: Alain Ayerra (
Date: Fri Jan 28 2000 - 21:09:44 MST

I think that Degaris work is quite interesting but this fake neurons are
less powerfull than biological counterparts, to archive a human brain power
in an artificial brain we need a great advance in hardware for example
mature nanotech or femtotech? .I read that a single neuron is by far more
complex than a computer chip then you need a Cray supercomputer to emulate a
single neuron,so when we could make a Cray supercomputer of the size of a
neuron and then wire it with millons of conections the we could archive it.

There are a lots of interesting things in the Degaris Web site but Im
conviced that you never have a powerfull brain using fpga.

In other way someone have some information about femtotech I search all the
web and I could find very litle information one of them is the MSU that have
a femtotechnology laboratory.

Best regards:
                    Alain Ayerra.

PS: There are a web site of a Phd Jack Sarfatti that he have a proyect of
building a Qchip for a conscious computer?!!!

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