Atkins Diet Testimonial--Test Results!

From: James Daugherty (
Date: Fri Jan 28 2000 - 18:28:16 MST

    About 11-25-99, I reported to this
list on the results of my
Atkins, low carobohydrate, hi-protein-
hi fat diet. I lost about 30 lbs since
October 15th, 1999, starting at 255
and 6' 1". This is only 5 additional
pounds loss since 11-25-99.

    Now, I finally got my second blood
test results back. My total cholesterol
went down from 238 to 190. Good
cholesterol went from 45 to 55. Bad
cholesterol went from 161 to 120.
Triglycerides went from 193 to 92.
Ketones went from negative to

    Pretty impressive results I would
say and exactly what Atkins says
is typical! I remain feeling great
with improved energy level. As stated
before it seems I can lift about the
same max. weight in my exercise
program, but with fewer reps. Lifting
max weight and reps improving
only a little since I reported in late

    According to most charts, I
should lose another 20-30 pounds.
I have stalled in weight loss for
about 30 days staying pretty
strictly to the Atkins program.

        James Daugherty

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