Re: computers have no souls!

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Date: Fri Jan 28 2000 - 01:25:01 MST

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> Actually, at that point, I would probably wind up saying something like
> "Well, ma'am, you've found me out. My intention is to forcibly
> transform the entire human race into soulless, conscienceless, monstrous
> machines, an unholy hybrid of life and unlife that will feed upon the
> blood of the innocent and crush entire star systems beneath its
> remorseless feet. Why? Because I'm evil. Can we go on with the
> program now?"
> Then I would keep on admitting to anything she accused me of, with
> elaborations, until either she gave up or time ran out. At least it
> would be more fun than arguing with a tape recorder.

Ah, the joys of sarcasm };>

Case in point: some years back at some youth political convention of some
sort we were discussing the then-current welfare state (pre-reform). I
spose I made one too many criticisms, as the next thing I knew the girl next
to me shouted "you just want the poor to die don't you?!"

"Yes ma'am. The poor are evil, satan-spawn, and chronically unhip. They're
a drain on my pocketbook and patience, they wiped out the spotted owl, they
vote Democrat and they killed Jesus. I want nothing more than to see them
crushed beneath my Converse and wiped up with my Abercrombie&Fitch."

Needless to say we got back to the issue pretty quickly.

Incidentally, as I am now officially de-lurked, Hi. I adore this list, and
you all make an outstanding contribution to the memeware (can I say that?)
of the world. I wouldn't be surprised if the LAPD arrested you for carrying
around these ideas in public.


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