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Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 20:12:43 MST

Damien Broderick wrote:

> At 08:39 PM 27/01/00 -0500, Bob Own wrote:
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> >what is it in the conscious organization that is viewed as irreconcilable
> >with this idea, such that if the unconscious correlate were to gain
> >conscious ascendancy, any coexistence would be impossible and the
> >current conscious ego-constiuent would be driven into oblivion?
> I don't find the background psychodynamics in this formulation all that
> convincing, so I can't usefully comment. But clearly something along at
> least related lines must be involved. She was *extremely* angry.

What would be your explanation of the classic case of Saul of Tarsus?
Obviously, he felt threatened by the Primitive Christian Movement, and
the notion that Jesus was the Messiah. His corresponding behavioral
peculiarity was his ruthless and "*extremely angry*" persecution of
Christians, so excessive that even some Pharisees thought it was a
bit much. Then, lightning, the horse, blindness, the Voice, and, presto
chango, we have Paul the Christian Knight (or Zealot) whose new mission
in life was to liberate Christianity from onerous Hebrew customs and
oppressive Pharisaic legalism. Innumerable similar examples can be
cited -- from the sublime to the ridiculous ("There is nothing worse than
a reformed drunk.")

The "psychodynamic" I mentioned is basically the human-all-too-human
fatal fascination with the unthinkable. Scratch any fanatic or zealot and
inside you will meet the enemy who is himself.


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