Re: computers have no souls!

Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 18:09:45 MST

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<< she wasn't stupid or unimaginative (she read some sort
 of sf, after all). It was a salutary experience, giving me some sense of
 what the *real* opposition might be like, out there in the world in its
 teeming blithering bigoted billions. Urp. >>

Let's try the compassionate viewpoint.
Bigotry is caued by what? Almost all bigots share one thing.
Specifically fear of the unknown, and of the strange and different...
Fear of AI is. IMHO, a fairly rational response, given that even we
technophiles have debates over whether a Super Intelligence will have an itch
to elliminate us en masse due to our imperfect nature... or pick any other
malevolent SI scenario we have hashed over.

People who are in intense fear, as one friend of mine said once, look a lot
like assholes... behave a lot like assholes... sometimes they do scary

Anyway... I understand how upsetting that must have been to you, and I am so
sorry you had to endure an outburst like that.. but if it happens again, i
wouldn't be surprised, and I'd try to remember... it's not "us vs. them",

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