Fwd: CFP: AAAI FS 2000 "Socially Intelligent Agents - The Human in the Loop"

From: John Thomas (fyreflye@bigfoot.com)
Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 12:46:54 MST

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>Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 13:11:39 +0000
>From: Bruce Edmonds <b.edmonds@mmu.ac.uk>
>Organization: Centre for Policy Modelling
> Submission Deadline 29th of March 2000
>AAAI Fall Symposium, 3-5 November, Sea Crest Resort, North Falmouth, MA,
>The highly interdisciplinary area of Socially Intelligent Agents has
>attracted a number of active researchers who model, design and analyse
>agents (software or robotic) which behave socially. Much of this work is
>strongly inspired by forms of natural social intelligence characteristic
>humans. This symposium will address recent technological, methodological
>and theoretical developments in the field of Socially Intelligent Agents
>(SIA's), as well as discuss social and cultural issues, and limitations
>problems of Socially Intelligent Agents. A focus will be the issue of
>Both agents and humans can have different roles during agent-human
>interaction, e.g. as designers, users, observers, assistants,
>collaborators, competitors, customers, or friends. The symposium will
>concentrate primarily on socially intelligent agents that are either
>directly interacting with humans, showing aspects of human-style
>intelligence, supporting interaction among humans and/or modelling
>explicitly aspects of human social intelligence. The symposium will
>on four Key Themes for which considerations of the 'human-in-the-loop'
>crucial. Interdisciplinary approaches are particularly encouraged.
>The symposium will comprise keynote talks, panel discussions and
>paper presentations, addressing one or several of the following Key
>1) Connecting to SIA's: architectures and design spaces for SIA's;
>innovative user-interfaces, novel environments and new methodologies for
>software and robotic agents interacting and collaborating with humans
>facilitating communication and collaboration between humans; hot
>(emotional, empathic aspects) and cold approaches (intention and plan
>ascription, reasoning etc.); synchronisation in human-agent dialogue;
>role of embodiment in human-agent interaction; exploiting
>anthropomorphism; believability and degrees of agent complexity
>2) Learning and playing with SIA's: new applications of social agent
>technology in rehabilitation and education; SIA's as instructors,
>teachers, assistants and friends; SIA's which support human creativity
>imagination; SIA's in living environments (e.g. at school, at home, at
>work, on holiday, at meeting points)
>3) Living with SIA's: social agent technology which influences
>attitudes/opinions/behaviour; issues of 'social relationships' between
>human and agent e.g. helping, competition and cooperation, autonomy and
>control, predictability, deception, manipulation, initiative,
>responsibility, conflicts
>4) Growing up and evolving with SIA's: social agent technology which
>empowers humans, addressing the cognitive and emotional needs of humans;
>impact of SIA's on human society and culture; agents adapting to and
>supporting cultural diversity; ethical considerations
>Submission Information (Deadline 29th of March 2000):
>Potential participants are asked to submit a short paper (3 to 5 pages)
>describing their work in this area. Please send submissions via
>mail to Kerstin Dautenhahn at K.Dautenhahn@cyber.reading.ac.uk. The text
>can either be submitted in plain Ascii format (preferred), or the
>submission can be made available on a Webpage and the URL is sent via
>Organizing committee:
> Elisabeth Andre, DFKI GmbH, Germany
> Ruth Aylett, University of Salford, UK
> Cynthia Breazeal, MIT AI Lab, USA
> Cristiano Castelfranchi, Italian National Research Council, Italy
> Justine Cassell, MIT Media Lab, USA
> Kerstin Dautenhahn (Chair), University of Reading, UK
> Francois Michaud, Universite de Sherbrooke, Canada
> Fiorella de Rosis, University of Bari, Italy
>For updated information on the symposium see
>http://www.cyber.rdg.ac.uk/people/kd/WWW/SIA-2000.html or contact
>Dautenhahn (K.Dautenhahn@cyber.reading.ac.uk).

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