the pain and problems of the present world...

From: john grigg (
Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 02:50:51 MST

Eliezer wrote:
Now that we can clearly see how to solve *all* the problems of the world,
there is absolutely no excuse for hypnotizing ourselves into believing it
doesn't hurt.

I didn't realize we were at that point yet! Even if we can envision the
solutions it will be the implementation that is so hard and near-impossible.
  One thing that will be so sad is that even if the singularity comes and
brings in a golden age, many will not have made it due to bad health,
accident or being born in the wrong part of the world (early death due to
many causes) or at too early a time.

As Max More said awhile back, he may not make it himself. A number of the
people on this list may not make it via cryonics or life extension to see
the post-singularity world.

And life does at times really hurt, for some people much more then others.
Unfairness in life being something that really bothers me. Facing the pain
and challenges of life or "leaning into the
pain" as some call it is not something to yell, "yay!" about but I want to
believe that there are rewards for dealing with the unfairness and pain of
life in as positive a manner as possible.


John Grigg
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