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From: Clint O'Dell (
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 21:59:33 MST

>>Not just any atheist's view, though; James Still is
currently the president of the Internet Infidels.<<

I can see how James Still may persuade people's opinion
from his position of authority.

>>But, more importantly...

>>We are the exception to the rule; there are millions of
atheists and just a couple thousand transhumanists/
extropians and even fewer cryonicists.<<

Atheists are the most likely to take advantage of cryonics.
Honestly I've known about cryonics for over 10 years, but
didn't take it seriously until recently after reading a
book about immortality with nanotechnology. It was the
first time I've ever heard of nanotechnology (not the first
time I thought of the idea though), and the whole time I
read the book I thought to myself what total lunacy! I
silently knew it was possible if we could control things at
the atomic level, but we couldn't. This book, got me
interested and slightly excited, and so I read another one
called Nano'Something', which made me a "believer". Then I
read Engines of Creation and found this list.

You see, I only had to learn about it (though I've already
been working on a plan to beat death for years). So if
nanotechnology was more known then nearly no atheist will
accept "deathism".

Clint O'Dell
President, Atheists of Denver
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