Waco Bomb Update

From: Ian Goddard (Ian@goddard.net)
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 20:52:18 MST



   60 Minutes, after having covered-up their positive
   findings on the Waco FLIR video in the past, [1]
   just presented expert analysis stating that the
   flashes seen on the FLIR are gun shots fired
   at the Davidian's home on the last day. [2]

   As the reality that the Federal Government tried
   to murder Davidians while leading the world to
   believe they were trying to save them slowly
   sinks in, the next step in The People's inquiry
   into Waco is to investigate and propagate knowledge
   of the bomb theory: http://Ian.Goddard.net/wacorom2.htm

   When I posted the Waco-bomb theory to the Internet
   I had no idea it would be a main feature of Mike
   McNulty's new documentary, now available here:
   http://waco-anewrevelation.com . McNulty was a
   producer of the Emmy-Award winning and Oscar-
   Award-nominated documentary "Waco: The Rules
   of Engagement" (http://www.waco93.com).

   You may recall that I became skeptical about the
   explosives damage to the concrete room (where
   dozens of woman & children died) being caused by
   the government after I leaned that the Davidians
   had purchased explosives material. However, the
   overwhelming feedback I've received from people
   with explosives expertise informs me that the
   Davidian's explosives materials are used to make
   "flash power," which makes good fireworks but does
   not otherwise posses the explosive power necessary
   to blast a two-foot-wide hole through thick steel-
   rebar-reinforced concrete. That is also the expert
   analysis presented on McNulty's new documentary.

   The updated Waco-bomb page covers those issues
   and also includes the following quote by former
   Attorney General Ramsey Clark in a civil law
   suit filed against the Federal Government:

    "At about noon [April 19, 1993] FBI agents on
    foot entered the Church, and fired shots which
    struck plaintiffs many of whom were dead, or
    unconscious from gas inhalation. Several FBI
    defendants proceeded to the second floor and
    placed an explosive material on the top of the
    concrete Church vault at the 2nd floor level...
    at about 12:20 p.m. a huge explosion blasted
    a hole several feet in diameter...[in] the
    concrete ceiling of the Church vault, crushing,
    cutting, burying and killing or injuring most
    of the approximately 30 persons in the vault."

   WACO BOMB: http://Ian.Goddard.net/wacorom2.htm
   WACO BOMB: http://www.erols.com/igoddard/wacorom2.htm
   [2] 60 Minutes: What Really Happened at Waco
   (1/25/00) (You may need to copy & paste this URL)

GODDARD'S JOURNAL: http://www.erols.com/igoddard/journal.htm


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