Hey, you two need to hug...

From: john grigg (starman125@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 04:16:18 MST

Robert Owen wrote:
What impresses me are your coarse manners and the extent to which your
self-importance is based on a pompous assumption that you have somehow
managed to transform trivial platitudes into profundities. I apologize to
the list for this exasperated statement, but I simply cannot tolerate the
sheer loutishness and incivility exhibited here by this supercilious young
man. There isn't the slightest possibility of any consideration of your
subsequent remarks, Shaun, unless you resolve to present yourself in a
reasonably acculturated manner, meaning, as a gentleman.

At this point Robert Owen slaps Shaun in the face with a glove and says, "I
demand satisfaction!" "Do you prefer the foil or the pistol?" If the duel
is done by the knowlege and use of big five-dollar words (as Ben Grimm would
say) then you have no chance Shaun! :)

I honestly think Shaun was just kidding around in taking a "cheap shot" and
did not mean it as an insult to Robert Owen. I understand that we all have
our own unique perspectives of how we and others should behave and so
buttons can be pushed unintentionally. I don't want to see any duelling at
the next Extro! I like both these guys and hope things can be worked out.

best regards,

John Grigg

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