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From: Clint O'Dell (
Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 17:21:54 MST

>>The more people react to this, the better. Atheists, of
all people, should be open to transhumanistic ideas, but
these irrational deathist memes are holding them back.
Perhaps repeated exposure to positive anti-memes can
get at least some of them on the right track.<<

Here is what I submitted:

I am in complete agreement with the author that there is no
life after death. What I would add, though, is we don't have
to die.
With the advancement of technology we will create a
condition to allow us an immortal life. Because every human
is a complex
arrangement of atoms and atomic precision instruments are a
reality, each individual will have the choice of keeping
complex arrangement maintained for as long as they like.

Until this technology is available every man, woman, and
child has the option of cryogenics. This ambulance to the
future will
keep a person's complex arrangement from deteriorating by
freezing that arrangement in place until the technology
available to fix the condition which caused the original

It is in every atheists interest to know about this evolving
technology, because no person who wants to live has to die.

Clint O'Dell
President, Atheists of Denver
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