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Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 16:50:48 MST

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>>_Death Is Not an Event in Life_ by James Still
html This essay nicely illustrates a common flaw in atheist
thinking, namely the almost dogmatic rejection of

Oh, come on now, we all know this is just one atheist
person's view on-life. If it was all of ours would all of us
atheists be on this list? That is the reason for the
feedback column. :-)

>>Since there's *very* little information regarding cryonics
and transhumanism to be found on this site (which is
a major atheist resource), this might be a good
opportunity to "put us on the map".<<

Hmm. I actually know Jeff Lucas. I can ask him to put the
Extropian Institute on the links page, under freethinking
organizations or something. Better yet, he mainly takes care
of the events section, so maybe he'd put up extropian

I'm not a member of the Exropian Institute (just the mailing
list for now) so I don't know all the events. Just email me
the events or ask him yourself.

The more people react to this, the better. Atheists, of all
people, should be open to transhumanistic ideas, but these
irrational deathist memes are holding them back.
Perhaps repeated exposure to positive anti-memes can
get at least some of them on the right track.

Great idea.

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