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Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 15:17:10 MST

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<< The permissiveness and indulgence shown toward the
 indifference, if not contempt, of young adults toward
 mature standards of conduct is not merely an evasion
 of duty but a reinforcement of adolescent narcissism,
 which explains as well as anything the mediocrity of
 contemporary American Culture.
You attacked a lovely person who has visited us and been a most wonderful
conversationalist. That's why people spoke up.
That said:
Personally- I find your anger at young adults baffling, but then, I am in
love with our funky 2000 American Culture!!!
I am a positive person in general. Out of fashion as it is, I like to LIKE
things... There's nothing mediocre about our country's culture, if anything
it's graced with outstanding hegemonies. It's rich and

Youth culture and it's uncensorable vigor is also a very vital and important
part history and part of the maturing of a nation. Without 'youthful
narcissism" and it's time honored scorn for old farts with out of date ways,
we'd be stuck in a rut forever! ( And looking at the Mona Lisa only ; - P )
Your dislike of us says far more of you than it does of any members of the
list who asked that you show more respect for e-shaun,
Ye Old Queene

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