Re: Anal talk of freedoms

From: James Wetterau (
Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 10:47:25 MST

Damien Broderick says:
> At 12:39 AM 24/01/00 -0600, Sasha wrote:
> >Why can't one walk three blocks in their normal swimsuit from the Charles
> >River to Harvard Square? This is such a simple thing! As long as this
> >is totally unacceptable, how can you expect acceptance of free play
> >with really serious genetic and physical modifications?
> The more I hear about the bizarre restrictions in the Land of the Free, the
> happier I am that I'm living in Oz. Can't be certain, but I'm fairly sure
> you could stroll in a swimsuit or a feathered chickensuit or a giant

What if your normal swimsuit were no swimsuit at all?

> If you chanced to be in Sydney during Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, you'd be
> joshed for *not* wearing gold lame arseless panties, inflatable bra and
> wings, and glittery tiara, or full traditional nun's habit and bushy beard,
> while strolling down the centre of the road. Do they do that in Harvard
> Square? Even one day a year? If not, don't blame us anal Aussies.

Well, having lived in New York and Cambridge, I would say that up
until a few years ago anyway, New York was more like Sydney.
Cambridge has more vestiges of the puritans I think (like bar closing
at 1AM!). However, about a year ago, on my daily commute from the
Harvard Square train station to my house I had to seriously revise my
view of the community. I chanced to walk through Harvard Yard the
night of the first snowfall. As I got about to the middle of the
yard, (near the pump, for people who know Harvard) I heard a loud
banging of drums and a lot of cheering, followed by the glare of
hundreds of camera flashes. Immediately thereafter I observed several
hundred students emerging from some campus building to take off in a
footrace around the perimeter of the yard, all wearing nothing but
running shoes and smiles.

I got to the far gate of the yard just in advance of the runners and
proceeded on my route home thinking both "You don't see that everyday"
and "Gee, they must be cold". Anyway, the kids are all right.

All the best,
James Wetterau

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