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Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 07:58:12 MST

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<< >Oh no! PLEASE i have a life...
 Can I do this when a professor asks me to read a book that I am not
 interested in? Will it work? Any professors on the list willing to weigh
 in on this? :)
Soo.. You're saying ...I'm in atheist school, and this list forum is my

I assumed I'd passed athiesm 101 since I don't believe in god, and never did.
Do you also want me visit every URL posted here? (: ) that can be pretty
Oh by the way, I am already in school - that's why I won't be reading
extraneous stuff... especially on atheism or popcorn machines, both of which
subjects can be expected to blow a lot of hot air.
QUICK somebody find another book
A new sci fi in Nano or biotech
Today I crave escapism

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