crime rate/abortion

From: Neal Marin (
Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 07:47:30 MST

>A while back the Washington Post had an article about
a >relationship
>between abortion rights and lower crime rates. The
idea >is that
>liberalizing abortion years ago is now having the
>effect of lowering
>crime rates as fewer unwanted children reach

>I thought this should have been front-page news.
>Instead, it was buried,
>and little discussed in the media.

It was discussed for quite a bit in the paper, at
least the local one received by my parents *grin*.
Actually, it was just covered in the opinion section
by a few pro-lifers who thought that the government
was being entirely unfair and nasty by letting the
survey be published, and that it was all untrue. But
then, it was the opinion section: I wished they'd just
expressed it in a more...polite stance.

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