Re: Agnosticism and the Fear of Atheism (was re: Vital Essence)

Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 07:37:50 MST

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This is actually getting ugly Mr Owen. Around here we try and stay on topic
or at least have a sense of humor when we insult people!
I hope you're not referring to e-shaun, who is very sweet and considerate. He
even apologized for being a bit harsh on agnostics....

<< That is what we say, isn't it? You evidently disdain this conventional
 metaphorical description and express the physical situation in a much more
 sophisticated manner. I'm sure you luxuriate in a fantasy about how others
 are impressed with your acumen.
 What impresses me are your coarse manners and the extent to which your
 self-importance is based on a pompous assumption that you have somehow
 managed to transform trivial platitudes into profundities. >>

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