Dynamic Visions Conference

From: John Thomas (fyreflye@bigfoot.com)
Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 19:04:28 MST

    Here's an upcoming conference that might interest
Libertarian-minded Extropians. I'm passing along this posting from
the reason-express e-mail newsletter.

>Don't miss the 2nd Annual Reason Dynamic Visions Conference
>"On the Verge: Creative Mixing on the Frontiers of Business, Society, Art, and
>Technology," takes place February 19 - 21, 2000 at the Santa Clara Marriott in
>Silicon Valley.
>Founded by Reason Editor-at-Large Virginia Postrel, author of The Future and
>Its Enemies, the conference offers an opportunity for creative people from a
>variety of backgrounds to cross-fertilize, discover new ideas, and gain fresh
>insights into their work, home, and civic lives--and their futures. At
>ordinary conferences, people are exposed to a narrow pool of industry-specific
>expertise and concepts. At the Dynamic Visions Conference, attendees and
>speakers from biology, technology, management, ecology, media,
>public policy, education, design, and other fields converge, sparking brand
>new ideas--ideas that propel them beyond the traditional boundaries of their
>own disciplines.
>The conference program and registration information are available at
>http://www.reason.com/dynamic/dynamic2000.html or by calling Erica Mannard at
>Confirmed speakers and their topics include:
>Jhane Barnes, designer - "Mathematics, Computers, and the Art of Textile
>Gregory Benford, UC-Irvine astrophysicist and author of Timescape, Deep Time,
>and Cosm - "Thinking Long in the Millennium"
>Daniel Botkin, UC-Santa Barbara ecologist, president, Center for the Study of
>the Environment, author of Discordant Harmonies - "The Future of Nature: How
>to Have Both Civilization and Nature in the 21st Century"
>Charles Paul Freund, senior editor, Reason, "Dark Verge? The Case of Vienna
>Neil Gershenfeld, leader, physics and media group, MIT Media Lab, author, When
>Things Start to Think - "Things that Think"
>Nick Gillespie, editor-in-chief, Reason - "Popular Culture on the Verge"
>Lisa Graham Keegan, Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction -
>"Innovations in Education"
>Grant McCracken, Harvard Business School, author, Plenitude and Culture and
>Consumption - "Verge of Verges: Sir Francis Bacon at the Gates of Gibraltar"
>Christena Nippert-Eng, sociologist, Illinois Institute of Technology, author,
>Home and Work - "Home and Work: Drawing the Boundaries"
>Dan Pink, Fast Company contributor - "Free Agent Nation"
>Steven Postrel, UC-Irvine Graduate School of Management -"The Geek and the
>Dilettante: Sharing Knowledge Across Specialities"
>Virginia Postrel, editor, Reason, author, The Future and Its Enemies, - "On
>the Verge: Exploring the Frontiers of Creative Encounter"
>Adam Clayton Powell III, vice president, technology and programs, The Freedom
>Forum - "Culture and Collision"
>Richard Rodriguez, author, Days of Obligation and Hunger of Memory - "Some
>Thoughts on the Burrito and the Browning of America"
>Lynn Scarlett, executive director, Reason Public Policy Institute - "Can
>Industry Save the Planet? The Rise of Industrial Ecology"
>Michael Schrage, columnist, Fortune, senior associate, MIT Media Lab, author,
>No More Teams! and Serious Play - "Serious Play"
>Robert Zubrin, author of The Case for Mars - "Mars Direct: Humans to the Red
>Planet within a Decade"
>For full descriptions and speaker information, see
>To register, see http://www.reason.com/dynamic/dynamic2000.html

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