Diamond Trees?

From: John Clark (jonkc@worldnet.att.net)
Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 15:40:08 MST

Robert Bradbury <bradbury@genebee.msu.su> Wrote:

> Can't do it with classical diamond synthesis techniques (think of the
> size of the hydraulic presses and energy requirements)... Can't
> do it with chemical vapor deposition methods (takes too long).

Warning! Warning! The following is pure mindless speculation.

I realize that evolution has never produced a protein that is able
to catalyzes the production of diamonds at modest temperature and
pressure, but then, evolution never had a reason to look very hard
for such a substance either, it doesn't prove such a thing is impossible.
On the other hand there may well be a very good fundamental reason
why a protein could never do such a thing and I'm just unaware of it.
So a tree that produces a delicious fruit with a pit made of pure perfect
diamond may be a fantasy, or it may not. If anybody knows why I'm
talking nonsense please let me know now before I embarrass myself
any more.

                 John K Clark jonkc@att.net

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