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>As we approach the start of the millennium year 2001, it seems right to
>revamp and expand our Web pages devoted to Sir Arthur C. Clarke's life
>and work. These include the Internet's only Clarke Photo Archive, a
>personal account of our tour of the "Clarkives" at Dene Court in the
>U.K., our new bulletin board devoted to "Optimistic Futurism," and a new
>online poll regarding Sir Arthur's work.
>Please join us at
>This is the only continually updated Clarke-related Web site that
>includes material and news provided directly by Sir Arthur himself, as
>well as material provided by members of his family and personal
>associates. It's our hope to continue to be a central clearinghouse of
>information relating to Sir Arthur.
>When you visit, you'll find that the photo archive has grown
>extensively, and now has more than 35 images relating to Sir Arthur and
>his career, ranging from his youth to his visit to the United States
>this past fall, as well as a number of samples of his writing. Some of
>these images were provided to us over the years by Sir Arthur himself,
>as well as his mother, Nora Clarke.
>Included at the main site are links to various sites on the Web,
>including Sir Arthur's recent Egograms (although he has not yet issued
>one to launch 2000), a variety of recent interviews, material about
>"2001: A Space Odyssey" (naturally), some humorous material -- and easy
>links to various discussion areas and search-engine material related to
>Sir Arthur's life and work.
>We're also continuing to add links to Web-based scientific material that
>relates specifically to Sir Arthur's array of ideas.
>PLEASE NOTE: We do not -- and cannot -- serve as a go-between for others
>on the Web who wish to communicate with Sir Arthur via e-mail. All such
>requests will *not* be acknowledged. Fans are advised to communicate
>with Sir Arthur at his home in Sri Lanka through surface mail or other
>means. In coming weeks, we intend to provide a copy of Sir Arthur's own
>advice to those who wish to communicate with him.
>John C. Sherwood
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