PUB: Please link Transhuman Philadelphia to your sites

Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 08:16:54 MST

Hello all,

    This is a request. If you have a website, and it would be appropriate,
we at Transhuman Philadelphia are asking that you include a link to our
homepage at (this
is the shortcut, the true address is <A
0425990598">Transhuman Philadelphia</A> at
0598 (see why we have a shortcut<g>). As a new organization, we are trying
to get established, and this would really help us out. For those of you who
have already added a link to our page, thank you. Also, if you would like
your transhumanism related sites linked on our homepage, please let us know.

Gratefully yours,

Glen Finney
Transhuman Philadelphia

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