Re: decriminalizing drugs... and more

From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 00:59:54 MST

Sasha Chislenko writes:
> There are good chances that spread of Ecstasy in the younger
> generation made a serious contribution to reduction of crime
> rates, along with the Row vs. Wade decision that assured reduced

Well, only the rich kids drop E. These are certainly nice, mellow,
floaty kids who hug a lot. The underdogs however do crack, crank,
crystal meth. These are not mellow drugs.

MDMA is certainly not innocuous, btw. Certainly not the right cure
for testosterone rage.

It seems that dance-induced hyperthermia alone might be insufficient
to explain MDMA-related deaths. The drug might fiddle with body
thermal control.

> influx of unwanted children into the crime force...
> I believe that a lot more violence is committed against pot
> smokers in jails than by them outside.
> Jails are a school of crime. If we put all blonds into jails
> for several years and raped them there, after that being blond
> would correlate with being criminal (plus avoidance of law).

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