Re: Vital Essence

From: Robert Owen (
Date: Sun Jan 23 2000 - 22:00:31 MST

Joe E Dees wrote:

> > N.B. If we define "God" as "X", then it is precisely X which prevents the
> > unlimited regressivness of all cosmogonical arguments. The is just
> > the central problem of the "Big Bang" theory. It does not begin at
> > the origin of the scale "O". It is like a ruler whose first mark or
> > origin is "1" instead of "0". [RMO]
> >
> Yes, but we have known since the Middle ages that it is impossible
> to define an entity into existence (remember the "God is a being no
> greater than which can be conceived" argument?).

Quite right, Joe, but the object of the exercise was not to
develop some ontological proofs, but simply to show that
the definition of X need not involve an infinite regress. This
was the original contention which I denied on purely logical

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