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From: Robert Owen (
Date: Sun Jan 23 2000 - 16:44:17 MST wrote:

> Oh no! PLEASE i have a life...
> sorry I posted that, I am not ready to read a WHOLE BOOK on a rubject we've
> hashed to death... beaten to a pulp, blackened, stomped, re-animated, killed,
> stuffed, baked and refired...
> accept my apologies and let's move on


A gentle reminder that WORDS, concepts, metaphors, similes, are all
we have to share in this phase of electronic communication. If there
is no explicit consensus relative to the meanings of these things, we
have only created an illusion of sharing.

I know that the technical job of identifying meanings, limiting meanings
[which is what de-finition is] and eliminating conflated meanings is
not an exciting nor fascinating task. But is has to be done, and done
publicly so that all members have the opportunity to become involved.

I'm all for moving-on, progressing -- but if we are talking about different
things but believe the contrary is the case, any appearance of moving-on
and progressing is delusional.


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