Re: non-Atheist vs. Blah blah blah (was)Vital Essence

From: Robert Wasley (
Date: Sun Jan 23 2000 - 14:22:25 MST

QueeneMUSE wrote:
> I will say this: As Architects of our own Design we needn't apply old
> and paradigms.
> Therefore I am also declaring myself a non-stupidist.
> (by the way: a nice lengthy discussion of soul (or psyche) is a valid one
> me, but how we choose to cal our disbelief in a creator figure is not.

Yeh, some threads attract my attention and others leave me flat, but it
mean it is an invalid question, if for no other reason people consider it an
important issue. All the same labels and paradigms, as limiting as they may
still remain the basis of communication and collective understanding.
that your lost. Personally I think a lot of discussions (not in this group
get mired in sematics, but in this case, if you read or re-read, whatever
the case,
my posts there exists a major distinction. This is why discussions such as
these are

Robert Wasley

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