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Date: Sun Jan 23 2000 - 13:48:34 MST wrote:

> By the way.....
> If a person beleives in god...then who made god?
> and who made the god maker?
> and who made ...............(ad infinnauseum)
> My experience is that theists refuse to address that question...they dodge it
> in all kinds of intersting ways. (Smoke and mirrors to my way of thinking)

[1] If "God" is defined as "That principle which enables all things to be" the
     scope of this proposition includes both "God" and "That principle", and
     infinite regress is precluded.

[2] If "God" is defined as "That Being whose essence is existence" infinite
     regress is precluded.

[3] If, more simply, we define "God" as "Sui Generis" infinite regress is

[N]That which causes the event "Creation" is logically prior to all particular
    created ["made"] things and as such infinitely self-subsistent.

N.B. If we define "God" as "X", then it is precisely X which prevents the
      unlimited regressivness of all cosmogonical arguments. The is just
      the central problem of the "Big Bang" theory. It does not begin at
      the origin of the scale "O". It is like a ruler whose first mark or
      origin is "1" instead of "0".

It is entirely unnecessary to be an element of any ideological set to make
these statements. The only membership needed is in "The Set of All
Rational Things".

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