Re: Selfishness (Was: Re: Polemics for longevity)

From: Robert Owen (
Date: Sun Jan 23 2000 - 13:15:36 MST

Robert Bradbury wrote:

> [Significant content deleted to conserve space. RMO]
> Some lessons that eventually surfaced:
> (a) Always have plan B and perhaps plan C (essential for Russia).
> (b) There are as many sharks in America as Russia (if you look closely).
> (c) There are concepts that cannot translate across cultures.
> (d) Knowledgeable management is crucial.
> (e) Never structure your business strategy towards a single primary
> investor.
> I walked past a woman in the metro tonight. She had one young child
> standing beside her and another infant in her arms. The arm holding
> the infants head ended in an outstretched palm. At the end of
> the passage was a seemingly talented flutist playing not sad, but
> not happy tunes. I noticed a 10 ruble (~$.30) note in his flute case.
> Whom should I have helped -- both, neither? I really don't know
> anymore.


I intended to reply, but then realized how premature that would be.
Just stared at the monitor trying to penetrate the screen and pin
down what was making me resonantly mute. Borges once asked if
there was a single word that contained the Universe. No idea why
I thought of that. Just let me think about this, O.K.?


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