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Date: Sun Jan 23 2000 - 12:26:43 MST

At 02:57 PM 1/22/00 -0800, "J. R. Molloy" <> wrote:
>Hal Finney wrote,
> >As people here noted, Ponzi schemes always end up crashing - usually just
> >after YOU are invited to join (so you're the one who ends up holding the
> >bag).
>We know who ends up holding the bag when Ponzi schemes tumble (the last
>investors to get out). We
>know who ended up holding the bag when S&Ls crashed (the last investors to get
>out). We know who
>ended up holding the bag when HMOs failed last year (the last investors to get
>out). Who will end up
>holding the bag when the Market collapses? (Hint: the last investors to get
>--J. R.

The risk of being "the last one holding the bag" is very
important indeed. It applies to many vehicles people put
money into.

One way to handle the risk is to diversify. Suppose I invest
in ten propositions, each of which I deem to have the potential
for a tenfold return within a year. If I spread my risk equally among
the ten propositions, and two of them succeed, while all the
others result in total loss, then I've doubled my money.

Another way to handle the risk is to "close the risk window"
as soon as possible. In the case of SG, I withdraw my original
capital plus a modest profit at the earliest convenient time.
Since then, I've been in a can't-lose position.

Some programs enable you to earn commissions for referring others.
With VBT <>,
I originally risked $680. For every person I refer, I get at least $100.
The commissions are paid into an ATM card account, enabling me
to withdraw cash at any ATM. So, after referring seven people, I
had "closed the risk window." Referring others can be another way
of handling the risk. (BTW, my return from VBT has been $25,000
in less than four months!)

Frederick Mann

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