Sterilization Bounty

Date: Sun Jan 23 2000 - 10:21:07 MST

"Need some extra money? We will pay you $(xx).00 to undergo a tubal

Suppose you were to see an ad in a newspaper (on TV, in a magazine) like
that.....what would you think?

What would be the long term results ? What would be the most effective
amount of money paid?


My thoughts are that this would be an effective way to change the
demographics of a population. It would be totally non-coercive and
non-deceptive. All that would be required would be money.

My guess would be that low income druggies/ alkies (and possible in the not
so distant future --tobacco addicts) would jump on this opportunity. (short
term income...let's don't think about long term).....

Other types might also be lured.

In a generation or two how would society be altered?

Austin, Tx.

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