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The Clinton administration said Friday (Jan. 21) that it will ask Congress
for $227 million in fiscal 2001 to accelerate research and development of

Goodbye dark matter, hello dark energy. Two physicists in Britain say the
motion of stars in spiral galaxies such as the Milky Way can be explained by
energy floating in empty space. This puts paid to the idea that galaxies are
stuffed full of invisible dark matter.

A MAT of polymer fibres designed to help wounds heal could spell the end for
traditional wound dressings, say British scientists. The fine web of fibres,
which is sprayed on, lets wounds heal by encouraging the formation of a
strong skin structure rather than weaker scar tissue.

Once one of the FBI's most wanted criminals, cyberspace cult hero Kevin
David Mitnick was released from prison Friday.

A deeply controversial amendment to the 1976 Copyright Act--added without
congressional debate or input from artists--now allows record companies to
treat musicians’ recordings as “works for hire.” Amendment To Copyright Act
Could Mean That Artists Will Never Own Their Recordings

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