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Date: Sun Jan 23 2000 - 09:41:37 MST

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 Any other position is hypocritical. Either alcohol and tobacco, our
 most dangerous drugs, ought to be banned too or none of them should be
 banned. >>

My position exactly.

I'm for legalization. It would have several immediate effects....some
positive in the short run...some positive in the long run. There would also
be some negative effects depending on who you are.

The DEA would have to find jobs for example as would much of the current
government workforce.

I also feel that the long run effect would be something which might be
characterised as "adding some chlorine to the gene pool" attempt at
humorously implieing that people might be held accountable for their actions
(regarding their use of debilitating or deadly substances) due to the fact
that it will kill them if they don' children.

Austin Tx.

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