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Date: Sun Jan 23 2000 - 03:36:45 MST

john grigg wrote:
>I remember reading about a controversial philosophy professor who has put
>forward the idea that children up to a certain time after birth should be
>under "probation" as to whether or not they are allowed to live by the
>parents. There have been protests at the college that recently hired him to
>try to kick him out.

It was professor Peter Singer of Princeton. There's some information
(mixed in with other news) at

Quoting from the above page, here's the story in a nutshell:

Badgered by protests and calls for his dismissal, Princeton University
bioethicist Peter Singer on Tuesday night defended his position supporting
euthanasia of disabled infants.
The 53-year-old Australian scholar's most controversial works support a
parent's right to euthanize severely handicapped infants.

Speaking at a debate, Singer said his arguments often are misinterpreted
and that he does not support policies that require infanticide in cases of
severe disability. He said doctors and parents should agree to any decision.

"Killing an infant is not equivalent to killing a person, because by a
person I mean something more of a rational, self-aware being," Singer said.

Campus security guards surrounded the packed auditorium while Singer
debated Adrienne Asch, a blind Wellesley College professor of human
reproduction. Six anti-Singer protesters, one in a wheelchair, stood
outside the campus gates wearing signs that read,"Singer and Hitler: Great

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