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From: Clint O'Dell (
Date: Sat Jan 22 2000 - 22:53:17 MST

Max More wrote:
>>This comprises a fine distinction, but I think the nuance
of "atheist" carries with it the connotation of a belief
that no god exists, whereas "nontheist" connotes a disbelief
in theism. The difference? Atheist still connotes a belief
system -- the belief that god does not exist, and nontheist
connotes an absence of any kind of belief in regard to

I respect your want for a different definition for an
atheist but it is wrong. And atheist is a person who does
not believe in a god, not someone who believes there are no
gods. Big difference. I'm surprised by your response as a
philosopher. Surely you know the varieties of atheism from
weak atheist to strong atheist. In all anyone who does not
believe in gods are atheist by definition, and many
non-believers are happy to call themselves atheist.

I understand you'd like to adopt a different word for
comfort reasons, and I respect that, but please don't try to
alter the real definition of an atheist.

Thank you.

Clint O'Dell
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