Re: SOC: The Monkey God (Was: Cannot prove nor disprove a soul.)

Date: Sat Jan 22 2000 - 16:38:04 MST

You may be on target. I like a counter viewpoint which holds that the
lefthanded chirality observed in nature by biologists and chemists, is due to
earth being smacked, repeatedly, by transient paticles such as kaons or pions
traveling at relativistic speeds. The particles have jiggled the molecular
structure over the last 3.75 billion years so that lefthanded chirality is
now a permanent feature. Astronomers have identified the primary culperit as
Cygnus X , a neuton star. Thats why people believe in supernatural things
because, Hey! if tiny, invisible, things were constanly slamming into your
brain -wouldn't you?

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> Thus , primates are naturally drawn to observe and judge the
> social surroundings of high-status members of their group (explaining in
> large part our fascination with celebrity, as well as our seemingly innate
> attention to the ritual propitiation of imagined "alphas" of the spiritual
> kind).
> I'm sure this idea has been put forward by someone else before. It seems
> like a patently obvious explanation for what appears to be the universal,
> instinctive religious activity of our kind.

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