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Date: Sat Jan 22 2000 - 16:13:37 MST

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<< Dogmatic
 atheism, peddled 'evangelically' is just someone setting up the relgious as
 scapegoats for their own personal failings.

I am not sure that describes the situation entirely. I don't think religious
people are being blamed for atheists' "personal failings".
I think by and large atheists are not failure or blaming type people. They
are usually strong willed and sure of themselves (if not so, how could one go
so against the grain?).
But going consistently against the grain has it's pitfalls.

Evangelizing this POV is not as easy as preaching "pie in the sky when you
die". It offers little in the way of warm fuzzy comforts.....
I think what happens is they substitute bitter anger for passion. Frustration
arises (since few listen with interest) and we find ourselves turning to the
same tricks the religions use: disdain, pity, humorous attacks, superiority,
insults and sometimes even dogma.
This stops anyone *really rational* from considering the viewpoint itself.

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