Re: Polemics for longevity

From: Bryan Moss (
Date: Sat Jan 22 2000 - 14:07:17 MST

Joao Pedro de Magalhaes wrote:

> I think that the present human species' members are evil,
> destructive, stupid and selfish creatures (and I'm not
> claiming myself as an exception).

I really don't buy the 'destructive, stupid, selfish' line;
destructive compared to what...?

> However, I think that there has been a major evolution
> from an intellectual and cultural point of view in the
> human masses of civilized countries in the past centuries
> that presently continues and, hopefully, will continue.

I think we've just got a whole bunch of new technologies
that make us *seem* more humane.

> It's the old American view of free-market and anarcho-
> capitalism -- bound to generate huge wealth but also
> enormous social problems and ecological disruption.

You can't have a government without first having a market;
thus, if markets causes social problem those problems are


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