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> Do you think an end of aging tomorrow would be good for the human species as
> a whole? I know extropians don't have any ecological concerns but I thought
> you were different.

Sr. de Magalhaes, I assume you mean that most extropians conclude that
"ecological concerns" can largely be addressed in a satisfactory way by
technological and social means consistent with extropian values and ideals.
If not, let me direct your attention to a short essay I wrote some time ago
about "extropian environmentalism":


> Do you really think space is the only boundary to
> population increase?

As I think Robert Bradbury may have responded, it seems that fertility rates
universally vary in inverse proportion to material prosperity and education.
Thus, even without large-scale extraterrestrial migration, it is likely that
population pressure will inevitably abate as these factors are magnified by
the new technologies we anticipate, alongside the concomitant decrease of
environmental impact of more sophisticated technologies - the so-called
"ephemeralization" effect that was also pointed out other posts.

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